Commercial, Industrial & Residential 
Landscaping Contractors for Calgary, High River & Okotoks  

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Landscaping Contractors for Calgary, High River & Okotoks  

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Landscaping Contractors for Calgary, High River & Okotoks  

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Don’t Get Burned by the ‘Big Guys’ — Absolute Landscapes Has No Incidental or Hidden Fees for Our

Property Maintenance Services


Are you tired of being quoted one price and receiving another when your bill finally arrives? Is your manager breathing down your neck because the property maintenance company you hired is throwing your yearly budget out of whack and into the red? At Absolute Landscapes we promise you won’t ever come across extra charges or incidental fees when you award us the tender for your property maintenance needs. We take your business for what it is: an opportunity to build trust via our excellent service and transparent pricing. 


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Fed Up with Receiving Complaints from Your Customers and Tenants About the Unprofessional Property Maintenance Workers Taking Care of Your Commercial Space? Hire the Friendly, Uniformed Workers at Absolute Landscapes and

Kiss Your Frustrations Goodbye


It doesn’t take much to lose a customer or tenant for good. One bad interaction can sour them enough to swear off doing business with you forever. Sometimes, that interaction comes at the hands of a surly property maintenance worker. Not when you hire Absolute Landscapes though. Our friendly and uniformed staff go above and beyond with regards to professionalism. You’ll never see a smoke dangling from their mouth as they mow the grass around your property and you’ll never hear a customer or tenant complain about their attitude. We train our workers to treat the area and people they encounter while working with the utmost respect and guarantee they will. 


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Is Your Commercial Property a Risk to Customers and Tenants Because of Ice? Have Your Trees Died for No Apparent Reason?

Insufficient Daily Ice Checks and Hazardous Chemical Treatments are the Hallmark of a Poor Property Maintenance Contractor


A Chinook has just rolled in followed by a few days of freezing temperatures. There hasn’t been any snowfall, but the Absolute Landscape contractors are on your property daily doing ice checks to make sure the thaw-freeze cycle of the past few days hasn’t led to a dangerous buildup of ice. Unfortunately, not all property maintenance contractors share this same level of foresight. Which can put your customers or tenants at risk from slipping and you at risk of being held liable. Now the snow has all melted and spring is finally here. The property maintenance contractors you hired for the season have been out spraying weeds trying to tackle those pesky dandelions. A few weeks later, you notice the trees on your commercial property are looking very sickly. Turns out the untrained subcontractor they hired to execute the job sprayed the chemicals too close to your trees and they’ve seeped into the tree wells. Now you’re staring down thousands of dollars worth of replacements and labour. Ouch. Don’t let these common pitfalls of poor property maintenance contractors be your undoing, call Absolute Landscapes and rest assured your commercial or industrial property will be properly taken care of.


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Absolute Landscapes is a 24/7, 365 Days (Even Christmas Day!) a Year

Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance Contractor


Being a commercial and industrial contractor isn’t easy. You’re constantly making sacrifices so you can uphold the high standards and service your clients have come to expect. Snow doesn’t fall within the standard work hours of 9-5, and it has a penchant for falling right before some of the busiest times of the shopping year. At Absolute Landscapes we’re willing to sacrifice our evenings, weekends, and holidays to help your business thrive. If you’re open on Christmas Day and a big dump of snow hits Christmas Eve, we’re out there clearing away all that white stuff early in the morning so you and your customers can easily navigate a clear parking lot.


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Absolute Landscapes is SECOR Certified and ContractorCheck Accredited

with WCB Coverage and $5 Million in Liability Insurance


When you hire Absolute Landscapes to take care of your commercial or industrial property you can rest easy knowing safety is our main priority. From our president down to our newest team members, ensuring the work we do not only meets but exceeds the regulated safety requirements in our province and country is something we’re wholly committed to. We’re also WCB covered and possess $5 million in liability insurance meaning no matter what happens, you’ll be protected.