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Have Your Dream Lawn of Tomorrow Today at the Guaranteed Lowest Price Possible

With sodding you go from having bare patch ground turned into a grass covered yard right away once it’s installed. Unlike a seeded yard which requires a good number of weeks before any form of grass starts growing on it, a sodded yard is usually quicker to install and it’s done in about a week depending on the area you intend to cover. Initially seeded yards look pretty patchy and very unattractive as grass begins to grow. And if you don’t have the patience to wait for it grow into a more fully-grown lawn, then sod is not only a faster alternative but your best bet. More so, a sodded yard is usually ready for use more faster than a seeded yard. This is simply because the grasses are already grown unlike that of a seeded yard whose grasses are delicate and prone to damage when they are young. Because of the head start in growth of sod, it encourages regular foot activity earlier than that of a seeded yard which normally requires at least four to six weeks before any form of activity can go on.


Less Expensive and Easier to Maintain

Initially it may seem as if a sod yard is more expensive because they are healthier and professionally grown. But compared to a seeded yard, as time goes on, you begin to discover that you spend less on maintenance as sod doesn’t require extra fertilization. And because of its dense nature it doesn’t accommodate the growth of weeds, whereas a seeded lawn requires not only a good amount of money spent on weed control and fertilization but also time that should have been spent doing other things.


Prevent Soil Erosion

Sod has the ability to prevent the erosion of valuable topsoil in yard areas that are usually sloped or hilly. It can be seen as the best solution to counteract rain runoff and other drainage problems that are normally common in bare soil.


Worry Less About Labour and Watering

Sod, as do all forms of grasses, requires regular water supply to keep it moist while it becomes well established. Not to worry though, because compared to a seeded lawn that requires more than four watering sessions per day to keep the ground moist, sod requires just two water sessions a day helping to save on water and labour.


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