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Thinking of building a new yard or renovating an old one? From landscape construction such as sod, gravel, stone and mulch installation to tree planting and any other type of yard construction project you can imagine, Absolute Landscapes has you covered. Our experienced landscaping professionals have tackled projects big and small and have the right equipment to handle your yard construction effectively from start to finish. Hire us and get your dream yard done.


A Beautiful and Well-Designed Landscape Will Increase the Value of Your Property

Properly constructing your yard not only brings out the beauty of it, it also increases its value and adds substantial curb appeal to your property. When the time finally comes to put your place on the market you can set your house apart with a stunningly landscaped yard which highlights your home’s best features. As prospective buyers continue to wield more and more power in the cooling housing market, having an eye-catching landscape setup will allow them to begin envisioning themselves enjoying the area. After that an offer won’t be far away.


Create Your Dream Relaxation and Entertaining Spot with a Stunning Stone Deck from Absolute Landscapes

Want a fire pit within your stone deck? We can make that happen. Turn your backyard into the favourite part of your home by adding a sturdy, stunning stone deck or patio. Compared to wood they require minimal maintenance as there’s no need to stain them year after year. Simply spray and walk away. No matter the size you have to work with, we can design and execute a stone feature which maximizes usable space and keeps everything on the level.


Let Us Help You Pick the Perfect Additions to Enhance Your Home’s Best Features

The world of landscaping can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. That’s where our guidance and expertise come in. We’ll work with you through every step of the project and provide you with detailed explanations of what each feature or addition entails. By bouncing ideas off of one another and working together collaboratively we can settle in on your true vision and get you the results you desire.


Reduce Your Summer Air Conditioning Costs While Increasing the Privacy of Your Home with Magnificent Trees

Planting trees strategically can greatly reduce your air conditioning costs over the summer months as you utilize their shade to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating your home. Planting mature trees in your yard will also provide immediate added privacy for your house and give it an established aesthetic.