Commercial Snow Removal Calgary


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Say Goodbye to Unsightly and Dangerous Mounds of Snow in Your Commercial Parking Lot with Our Snow Melting Expertise and Service

Did you know Absolute Landscapes is the only company in Calgary the past two years to be permitted to perform snow melting in the city? That’s because we’ve proven beyond a doubt that we’re the premier commercial property maintenance company within YYC and we have the expertise and knowledge needed to operate these powerful machines safely and properly. By utilizing our snow melter you can turn your commercial parking lot into one of the cleanest and safest ones in the whole city, no matter how much snow has fallen. Our snow melter not only increases visibility by eliminating difficult to navigate snow mounds for motorists, it also decreases the amount of ice which can form in your parking lot from those snow mounds when they begin to melt.


Melting Your Snow Is Both Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

By having a single designated spot for the bobcat to dump its load instead of managing multiple ones scattered across a commercial parking lot, snow melting is much more efficient than the old ways of doing things. Previously, each mound of snow needed to be carefully constructed so as to not cause it to spill over onto the road or parking spots within your parking lot. This eats up a lot of time. And space. With the snow melter being on wheels and attached to a dump truck it can follow the bobcat throughout the parking lot, cutting down drastically on the amount of time it takes to scoop up and dispose of the white stuff. Snow melting is also much more environmentally friendly compared to hauling it away or piling it sky high. The snow in our commercial parking lots is filled with gravel, debris, oil, and other non-soluble materials. Traditionally these would get gathered up with the snow and deposited into the accompanying mounds, where they would seep into and eventually suffocate the grassy areas once melted. Our snow melter separates all this debris from the water as it melts, making it easier and safer to dispose of the material later on. By setting up the snow melter near a drain or catch basin we can then divert the melted product (aka water) back into our city’s water treatment system.


24/7, 365 Days a Year Commercial Snow Removal Service That Keeps Your Customers and Tenants Safe and Happy

In addition to our snow melting service Absolute Landscapes is happy to provide traditional commercial snow removal service. Our trained and experienced operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure your commercial property is cleared and safe to navigate for your customers and tenants. We begin clearing snow while you’re still sleeping so you arrive to a clean and safe parking lot to begin your day, and during extended snow events we return multiple times to ensure your lot remains clear until the snow finally stops.